Captain Feline - Blending Pop Culture with Cats


Captain Feline basically blends pop culture with cats.

The inspiration for each illustration simply comes from our love of both cats and pop culture. Any cat owner is aware of the human traits cats display…or maybe we display cat traits….? Whatever – the point is, the anthropomorphism is something we find amusing, and hopefully other people do too.

Our debut range is movie-inspired, featuring classic and cult movie characters. The hardest thing was creating the right expression on each cat head that would reflect the human character. As we grow and expand, we’ll increase the range to feature other pop culture icons.


The debut Captain Feline range was 12 months in the making.

The concept developed rather quickly, but not everything we tried worked, so we had to identify what we wanted to do and start from there. Frankly, Dave’s hand was like a claw at the end of all the illustrating. Once we were happy with a collection of 8 designs we turned to the dream-maker that crowd-funding can be and launched a campaign on Kickstarter.

On November 1st 2012 it was official, we were funded and Captain Feline was brought to life!


Captain Feline is made possible through the collaboration of myself & Dave (of GritFX) and Kelly Murphy (of Saucewear). Kelly handles all order fulfilment from Boston, MA. Kelly is a great supporter of the indie community, a terrific friend and a fellow cat lover! We’ve worked with Kelly on various community projects and are honoured to be working with her again.

I’d like to thank you for your interest in Captain Feline… spread the word and help bring more human/cat hybrids to life!

~ Amanda
If you have a question, shoot me an email: amanda@captainfeline.com

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Dave L – Cat Breeder

(aka Illustrator)

Amanda Vare – Cat Groomer

(aka Finished Art and Marketing)
email: amanda@captainfeline.com

Kelly Murphy – Cat Handler

(aka Order Fulfillment)
Connect with Kelly on twitter or Facebook:
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